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Refresh Your Garden or Landscape for the New Year with Soil Plus

Milled Mac Shells for landscaping ground cover in Hawaii
Milled Macadamia Nut Shell Ground Cover

As the New Year unfolds, it's a perfect time to breathe new life into your garden or landscape. Whether you're a homeowner in Hawaii, a landscape company, or a manager at a high-end resort, refreshing your green spaces can bring renewed energy and beauty to your surroundings. Soil Plus offers a range of products that can help rejuvenate your landscape and set the tone for a prosperous and lush year ahead.

1. Start with Quality Topsoil

Revitalizing your garden begins with the foundation - the soil. Soil Plus offers premium topsoil blends that are perfect for giving your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Our topsoil is a carefully balanced mix, ideal for Hawaii's unique climate, ensuring your plants get a fresh start.

2. Incorporate Organic Compost

Introduce some organic matter into your soil with Soil Plus’ Macadamia Nut Husk Compost. This compost is not only rich in nutrients but also improves soil structure and water retention - key elements in maintaining a healthy garden. Incorporating this compost into your soil can invigorate your plant beds and prepare them for new plantings.

3. Decorative Touch with Cinder and Rock

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape with Soil Plus' array of cinder and rock products. Whether you choose the striking contrast of our Red Cinder or the sophisticated look of Black Cinder, these materials can define pathways, surround feature plants, or serve as decorative top layers in garden beds. For a more refined look, consider our Pea Gravel or 1.5" Drain Rock for both beauty and functionality.

4. Create Raised Beds with Soil Plus Blends

Raised garden beds are not only a practical solution to many gardening woes but also a way to add structure and design to your landscape. Use Soil Plus’ soil blends to fill new raised beds. These blends are tailored to support a wide range of plant types and are particularly effective in ensuring good drainage and nutrient distribution.

5. Refresh Mulch Layers

Mulching is essential in protecting your soil and plants. It conserves moisture, regulates soil temperature, and helps keep weeds at bay. Soil Plus offers several mulching options, such as our durable Milled Macadamia Nut Shells, which last longer than traditional wood chips and add a unique, tropical touch to your garden.

6. Plan for Water Efficiency

In regions like the Kona coast, water conservation is crucial. Soil Plus provides materials ideal for xeriscaping, helping you design a landscape that is both beautiful and water-efficient. Using products like our 3/4" gravel can aid in creating a landscape that requires minimal irrigation, reducing water usage while maintaining a stunning appearance.

Embrace the New Year with a Refreshed Landscape

The New Year is a time of renewal, and there's no better way to embrace this spirit than by refreshing your garden or landscape. With Soil Plus, you have access to a range of products that can help rejuvenate your outdoor spaces. From nutrient-rich soils and composts to decorative rocks and efficient landscaping solutions, Soil Plus has everything you need to start the year with a beautiful and healthy garden.

About Soil Plus

Since 1989, Soil Plus has been committed to providing high-quality soil blends, cinder, aggregates, compost, and fill material for commercial and residential use in Hawaii. With our expertise and wide range of products, we are dedicated to helping you create and maintain stunning landscapes that stand out. Let us be a part of your New Year’s landscape transformation – visit us at Soil Plus and “Grow with Us” into a lush and prosperous new year.

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