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Our products are sold by the cubic yard*

Measure the length and width of your area.  


For the ease of calculating, square off your areas and make sure areas are square or rectangle.  Do not try to calculate wedge, curve, circle or L shapes.  


For your convenience a calculator is provided below.  

*We have 3/4 cubic foot bags available for certain products (not aggregates). Call 808-326-9645 for more information.

Be sure to round up to the nearest half yard when placing your order. Remember this is an estimate and you need to allow for movement and compaction.
Big Island Gardening Soil
Cubic Yard Calculator

Preparing for your


  1. Locate cess pit, septic tank and leach field.

  2. Determine access for the truck, driveway or other (If your two-wheel drive pickup cannot go there, we cannot either.)

  3. Locate areas to dump material.  Area cannot have a slope, and trucks  have trouble dumping with the front of the truck lower than the rear.

  4. Look for low wires, tree limbs, house eaves or overhangs, etc.

  5. If paying by cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry change. 

  6. Please allow up to 5 days advanced notice for your delivery. 

Our trucks require a 12ft x 12ft clearance as well as a 25ft height clearance for dumping.


Yard Pick Ups

Drive your truck and/or trailer to our yard and we'll be happy to load you up with the soil, cinder, husks or aggregates you need to get the job done.

When picking up at Soil Plus, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We can ONLY load into a truck or trailer. We are unable to load into trash cans, buckets or other containers. Additionally, customers are not able to load their own buckets or containers.

  • We recommend bringing a tarp, covering up is the law. Please adjust your tarp in the parking lot outside the gate. Do not adjust your tarp while in the yard.

  • Sample buckets of all of our products are located near the sales office.

  • Please remain inside your vehicle while you are being loaded.

  • The weight of each product per cubic yard is listed in the product descriptions. You can pick up as little as a half cubic yard. Please keep in mind the weight limit of your truck or trailer when placing your order.

Yard Pick Ups
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