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Cinder Mixes Add Texture to Your Landscape

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Should I plant fruit trees or flowers? How about a golf course inspired lawn? When it comes to designing your home landscape, it's easy to focus on the greenery.

Whether for food or visual stimulation, plants tend to be the star of the show. However, the key to exquisite yard design is in the contrast.

What should you know about cinder?

Our volcanic cinder is always 100% locally sourced from various areas around the island. The colors vary from shades of brown to red to black. Currently, we have a waiting list for the black (aka dark) cinder as it is the most rare color.

At the time of this post (Dec 2020), we currently have red cinders, limited black, and cinder mixes. The cinder mix as pictured above is predominantly red and comes in two sizes: medium 3/4" to 2" and large 2" to 4".


Cinder mixes add a stunning contrast near driveways, walkways and as a border for lawns.

Since it is a light and porous material, it is not recommended for areas of high traffic as the cinders will crumble over time.

Ready to order?

  1. Square off the area where your cinder mix will go. Don't try to calculate curves or unusual shapes.

  2. Measure the length and width. For maximum coverage, we recommend about a 4-inch depth.

  3. Visit our ordering page and using the volume calculator to determine how many cubic yards you need.

  4. Stop by Soil Plus with your truck and/or trailer or...

  5. Give us a call to schedule your delivery! 808-326-9645

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